Virtual reality is an exciting technology that allows people to immerse themselves in a 3D environment through the use of special headset. The headset can track the user's headmovements, and the controllers can track hand movements, allowing the person to interact with the virtual world like as if it were real

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Virtual Reality is currently undergoing a massive revolution in that the technology is at a point where it can meet commercial success, thus being at a point where it can be used in many applications. Virtual Reality technology is barely getting started, and it will increasingly be used in the future. We want to be ahead of the curve, and expose this technology to people so they can understand its benefits and applications. We intend to help people get involved with this technology through workshops, coding tutorials, hardware engineering, and video-game playing!

Yes, we would love to give you your first experience in VR!

No, not at all. People from all disciplines come to the VRA to learn more about and enjoy virtual reality.